A bit about me…

The story I've been telling myself is that I'm the brown adopted kid born in London, UK, never feeling that I belonged to anyone, anyplace or any thing, my parents divorcing and both remarrying. Struggling with identity crisis and self sabotage I have often felt alone with my thoughts, dreaming of something more.

I have projected out into the world an image of strength, independence, success, confidence and never showing weakness. Underneath has been anxiety, addiction, anger, frustration, health issues.

I have been a chiropractor for 10 years, bought a business and nearly ran it to the ground...I have been obsessed with the material world, the houses, the car, chased the partner and then almost lost the partner. I have felt overwhelmed and underwhelmed by life.


This podcast is about my journey to truth, meaning and fulfilment and how WE can bring it to OUR lives.

It’s going to be a compilation of all that I’ve learnt over the years about the process of internal work to release the blocks, remove the masks, practice self care and open the door to creating a life by design through making aligned choices. 

It is for others of you out there who have also struggled with self doubt and self sabotage in the quest for ‘success’ and wanting to find inner peace. For my fellow urban, personal growth junkies looking to find meaning in the material madness,  get in touch with their inner purpose and wanting to make an impact in the world.

This podcast is for you!