Mind Power | The Role of The Mind in Health


In this episode, I have on the show Tatiana Kassessinoff PhD, a classically trained scientist who left the lab to work as a consultant for biotechs and academic institutions in Germany.  Her true passion however has always been the mind-body connection and a desire to further integrative and personalised medicine.  In 2017, she retrained as a rapid transformational therapist and recently launched a podcast, London Heal to help spread the message of living healthy for longer in the UK.  In today’s episode we explore the role of the mind in health. Tatiana speaks on the relationship between the unconscious mind and our personality, and how we can re-program our subconscious mind. You can follow Tatiana and subscribe to her podcast at www.londonheal.com. If you'd like to learn more about Rapid Transformational therapy then head to https://www.rapidtransformationaltherapy.com