I Felt The Fear And Did It Anyway | Holotropic Breathwork


I flew out to Austria last week to do what’s called a Holotrpoic breathwork workshop.  This technique was developed by a Czech psychiatrist called Stanislav Grof. He now has over 60 years experience in researching non ordinary states of consciousness as well as the therapeutic potentials of psychedelic substances. He’s also one of the founders of the field of transpersonal psychology.  Holotropic broken down means…a journey to wholeness in ancient Greek.

Holotropic breathwork is a type of self exploration and healing that uses a combination of the breath with evocative load music, while lying on a mat wearing an eye mask. This enables you to go into your body more readily, by removing external visual stimulus. This method he developed is designed to allow you to enter this expanded state of consciousness. The session lasts 3 hours and you pair up with someone who sits for you while you breathe, to make sure you are safe, to give you water when you need it, to take you to the toilet, give you tissues etc. The sessions are supported by a group of trained facilitators. Each session evokes a completely unique experience to the individual. It has been a very powerful healing method for me and I wanted to share some of the realisations I’ve had through the process.

For more information on Holotropic Breathwork visit... http://www.holotropic-association.eu