Plant Medicine and Shamanic Healing Journey


Holotropic meets Shamanic healing. I take you through my transformative plant medicine journey during a week away on a Shamanic healing retreat. It involved Holotropic breathwork followed by Shamanic ceremonies and taking a series of amazonian master plants. These plants are traditionally used to facilitate healing and spiritual transformation. They raise the consciousness level and cleanse out dense, lower vibrational energy; fears, negative emotions, deep rooted blocks and cellular entropy. Unbelievably powerful work. I describe the process and the insights I took from it.

For those interested...the retreat I attended was organised through the European Association for Holotropic Breathwork . They regularly hold Holotropic breathwork workshops, however keep an eye out for the events in collaboration with Shamanic plant work that take place once or twice per year.  This is where I would feel safe to continue any plant medicine work in the future.