JTA's 1st birthday


Wow…JTA has turned 1🎉! It was a year ago I took the leap into the unknown and launched the 'Journey to Authenticity' podcast.

The journey hasn’t all been smooth sailing. It has brought up a lot for me. It has triggered me into overwhelm, it has highlighted my perfectionism, my fear of rejection... and it has tested my commitment. 

…yet I look back and know it has ALL been worth it. 

Watch the video, listen, or read some of the lessons I have learned in the past year:

✨Unplugging from my mind and going into my body has been a powerful route to healing past hurts, resentments and fears. I have shined light in the deep dark corners of my being and accessed parts of myself that I didn’t even know were there. Although painful at times, it has allowed me to experience more of the essence of who I am and live from more of a heart centred space.

✨We are all on a journey, and although we may be taking different routes, we are all looking for the same thing…and that is to experience more love and connection in our lives.

✨That I feel called to take all I have learned and pay it forward and help guide others back to themselves. [Watch this space]😉

✨Our journey to authenticity is all about discovering, and exposing more of the aspects of ourselves we have previously rejected and learning to love those parts. Learning to love ourselves fully…the good, the bad and the ugly. 

✨No matter who we are, how much we may have achieved or how much people may perceive that we have all of our shit together...all of us at times, don’t feel good enough or worthy. But the ones who get to experience more of the richness of life, are the ones that make the choice to get uncomfortable anyway. 

I want to thank ALL of you who have tuned in! To all of those who have taken the time to send me your feedback, your support and your takeaways…I always love hearing from you. Even to the haters…I still love them…it’s all part of the journey 😉

Thank you for tuning in!
Thank you for supporting the show!
Thank you for being you!

Love & Gratitude 💜