Unlock Your Hidden Potential With The Wim Hof Method

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Wim Hof Method Instructor Emma Estrela (Corrie) shares her journey of breakdown to breakthrough using the Wim Hof Method of cold exposure, breath-work and going into nature. She describes her complete paradigm shift of what is possible; that we have the ability to go way beyond our conditioning, consciously connect to our physiology, control stress, survive in extreme conditions, heal unconscious trauma and unlock our inner athlete. There are so many lessons in this conversation. Emma is also an adoptee and distance athlete, both of which play a large part in her work. Emma lives in the Lake district and hosts workshops teaching the Wim Hof method across the country. To find out more, head to her website www.emmaestrela.com or her WHM page www.wimhofmethod.com/instructors/emmaestrela