Implicit Memory - Our Hidden Roadblocks

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Today my guest Dr Julie Lopez and I discuss implicit memory, understanding our brains hidden control panel and the many possibilities of breaking through our unconscious roadblocks. Julie is a trauma specialist who has dedicated her life to empowering others, and founded a mental health and wellness centre in Washington DC called The Viva Center. Julie also discusses how implicit memory plays a role for adoptees, both from her own personal story, and from her clinical experience. Her recent book “Live Empowered! - Rewire Your Brain’s Implicit Memory to Thrive in Business, Love and life" was named a hot new release in 10 book categories, and as a professional speaker she entertains and educates on the many options to living the most “successful” life as defined by you. Follow Dr Julie on Instagram using the handle @DrJulieLopez

Within this episode, Julie recommends an incredible free resource she set up to support you in your healing journey called The Resilient Brain Project. Check it out HERE.